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Through listening to the stories of women and men who are on the reparenting path, we discover the parenting we got as a kid, and decide what we want to keep, and what’s better put aside.

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Teresa Part 2

Actually living a recovery program doesn’t usually happen overnight. In this episode, Teresa shares her introduction to recovery,  her many tools of growth, and her daily practice.      Would you or someone you know like to be interviewed on the Loving Parent Podcast?...

Teresa Part 1

In cultures around the world, children need to be parented with gentleness, humor, love, and respect. Although Teresa grew up in a family with its roots in northern India, her thoughts and feelings are not much different from those of other Adult Children.   Please...

Scotty Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my interview with Scotty, in which we discuss important tools of recovery and reparenting our trauma.   Here are a few terms you might want to have defined more explicitly than we did in the interview:   Limbic Impairment- The limbic system is the...

Scotty part 1

I think you’re in for a treat. The next two episodes feature a reparenting sojourner who’s been on the path since he was 17. Scotty is making sense of his recovery work through a study of neuroscience. You may want to take notes on some terms to look up later. I hope...

Ep. 15 – Self-Esteem-How to Get It, How to Keep It

Building on the previous episode about self-esteem, I get a bat and glove to help me send negative messages flying, and catch positive messages and keep them. I don’t accept negative messages, and I breathe in and believe the positive ones.  i have some exciting news...

Ep.11 – Mark – Part 1

Ep.11 – Mark – Part 1

We’re back after a short holiday break! Mark has an interesting story to share. I think his path to Adult Child recovery will seem very familiar to some listeners.  I’m reminded not to compare my story with anyone else’s.

Ep.10 – Self-Esteem

Ep.10 – Self-Esteem

In recording this episode about Self-Esteem, I talk quite a bit about positive affirmations. There are many books about affirmations you can read, including mine and Self-Esteem, A Family Affair by Jeanne Illsley Clark. Both have affirmations geared to the developmental stages of childhood. I suggest you pick a few you like and memorize them. 

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